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Do not drink or drink collagen for the joints and youth of the skin?

  • 23 may 2017 15:26:32
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  • 5 Do not drink or drink collagen for the joints and youth of the skin?
Do not drink or drink collagen for the joints and youth of the skin?Drinking sea collagen, perhaps now the most popular supplement to food. Is it worth it to spend money? To drink or not to drink? We will try to answer the following questions: Why do we need collagen? Marine and animal collagen? To drink or not to drink collagen? How to choose collagen for oral administration? What effect? When should I take it?
Collagen is the most important protein in our body. This is essentially a glue, without which our body would look like a shapeless mass.
Collagen is a common name for proteins, which are the basis of all connective tissue and the most important building material for our tendons, cartilage, skin, vessels, tissues of our organs. It gives our skin elasticity, elasticity, strength, retains moisture. Prevents thinning of cartilaginous tissue, reduces the risk of injury. 80% of our skin consists of collagen. With age, our skin begins to lose collagen, it collapses faster and new collagen fibers are formed in less quantity. Therefore, wrinkles appear, the face oval floats and the skin looks flabby.
Marine collagen is especially necessary if you:
  • Any diseases of the musculoskeletal systemDo not drink or drink collagen for the joints and youth of the skin?
  • Flabbiness and dryness of the skin, violation of the face oval
  • Rheumatoid arthritis and polyarthritis
  • Traumas of the extremities
  •  Dry and brittle hair
  • Thin, layered and brittle nails
  • Those who are engaged in intensive physical exertion or physical labor.
Collagen is of two types: animal and marine. What is the difference?
Animal or bovine collagen is most often made from bones, cartilage and skins of cattle. We all know the famous cold, just is a boiled concentrate of bones and cartilage.
Marine collagen is more expensive to produce. It is made from the parts and scales of sea creatures.
We get collagen by eating bones, cartilage, animal skins, eating fish, strong meat or fish broths, jelly, gelatin.
Collagen differs from species to species of digestion. But you need to consider that with such diseases as pancreatitis, cholecystitis, intestinal diseases, malabsorption syndrome can not be fully absorbed. So one problem pulls the other.
It is very difficult for our body to absorb direct collagen. This is when we eat cartilage, skin. This form of collagen must be further processed, which would be absorbed completely. Therefore, from the food and the usual gelatin, chill, chicken leg, collagen is digested hard and little.
Animal protein is foreign to us and for this reason, the assimilation of this type of collagen is also reduced.
Peptides hydrolyzed collagen, this form is already additionally processed and destroyed to the most easily digestible protein, amino acids, peptides. This protein has a small molecule size and is easily absorbed by our body.
The most popular collagen peptide is marine. It is easily and almost completely absorbed by our body. Bioavailability of this type of collagen is up to 85%.
And for better assimilation, it is recommended to take collagen with vitamin C. And manufacturers often immediately add collagen peptides to Vitamin C.
The formation of collagen occurs within our body. But there is a problem. After 25-30 years, the production of its own collagen begins to decline. And we see traces of aging on our face.
To drink or not to drink collagen? Does collagen help with ingestion?
I think you can decide for yourself. But I will say only one thing. All those wilting processes that we see on our skin, it's just the surface of the iceberg.
Collagen supports not only our skin, but also as the most important building component enters the tissues of the lungs, all vessels, heart, joints, cartilage, ligaments, bones, hair, nails. The process of losing the main building protein goes not only from the outside, but also inside. And than it threatens, probably to explain it is not necessary any more.
We can tell you frankly by our own impressions and feedback from our customers. Collagen works at 100%. This is not only our and our buyers' subjective feelings, but also objective research and testing. After 3 months of treatment, the elasticity of the skin increased in the control group by an average of 28%, and the moisture content by 20%. The loss of cartilaginous tissue at the end of the first month of application stopped and by the end of the third month of application, the cartilage tissue was restored by 8%.
I drank drinking collagen in two courses. And here is my personal review.
The first effect was seen after 3 weeks of admission. Nails became elastic and stopped to break. Hair began to shine and became very silky. And the skin on my face became moistened and more fresh. For a long time, not healing the rupture of ligaments quickly ceased to disturb.
How to choose drinking collagen?
There is no information about the greater effectiveness of one form, unlike the other. For example, collagen capsules are as effective as powdered collagen in a sachet.
What is worth paying attention to? On the composition and dosage.
Pay attention to how many peptides of collagen is contained in one daily dose. This is indicated approximately as 15000 mg or 5000 mg.
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